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House Manual

Access the home: Keys and Locks

The home is equipped with a Yale smart digital keypad.

The keypad is located at the front entry 


1.) Press the yale logo

2.) Then enter the access code provided in email

3.) Tap the check mark

4.) Turn knob and enter home


Before you leave, we need a few things so that we can provide a
welcoming environment to our next guests.


  1. Check all items are intact & not damaged. (If anything is

  2. damaged please report it immediately)

  3. Make sure all lights and TVs are off. The doors and
    windows are closed and locked.

  4. Arrange items according to their original places if
    moved (see photos)

  5. Put all trash in the garbage bin and place outside

  6. Check the entire home for personal items.

  7. Please make sure all doors and windows are closed and
    locked upon exit.

  8. Please confirm your check out via the Airbnb app

House Rules

Please Read – House Rules!!!!

You agree to abide by all of these rules when you book the unit- NO pets or animals of any kind inside the apartment without proper authorization. Violation of this rule will be a $750 Fee, no exceptions. 

-Late checkouts (15 minutes or longer after checkout time) will result in a $350 late check out fee

-Early check in and late check out fees are nonrefundable

- No smoking or illegal substances inside the home - $750 Fee

- Lost Keys, FOB and/or Garage Opener - $250 Fee, Each

- Please DO NOT unplug the TV’s and/or the ROKU’s 

- The cleaning fee covers for cleaning inside of the unit. When utilizing the common area It is your responsibility to clean up after. If additional cleaning is required to clean the common areas an additional fee of $150 will be assessed during your stay for each occurrence.

-Towels and linens (Towels) - $15 per lost/stolen towel (2 are provided per guest)

- Profanity, harassment or reports of rudeness towards Property Management and/or Security - $500 charge and will be asked to leave immediately without a refund


You will be assessed a $500 fine for any of the following:

- Rips, stains and/or tears to furniture, sheets, comforters, pillows or any other bedding item

- Stains or scratches on the walls, damage to electrical plugs, missing TV and/or appliance cables

- If we suspect that you have thrown a party, i.e., excessive garbage, excessive stains on floors, walls, complaints from neighbors or other guest and/or any other signs that a party was held in the unit

- Building security will enforce quiet hours between 10:00 p.m. and 8 a.m. during their nightly rounds. Any noise complaints will incur $250 dollar charge mentioned above, plus an additional $100 charge and will be asked to leave immediately without a refund

Additionally: (in addition to the security deposit)

A minimum $1500 fee will be charged if any appliance and/or TV is damaged and/or removed from its place, i.e., scratches, dents, holes, or missing parts. 

A minimum $250 fee will be charged for any items missing from the unit, regardless of the value of the item 

A minimum $1000 fee will be charged for any excessive damage (burns, holes, dents, large scratches etc.) to walls, counter tops, bathroom mirrors (Cracked or Scratched), doors, cabinets, and/or shelves or tables.

- Please be respectful of your neighbors and limit noise or activity before 8:00 a.m. and after 10:00 p.m.

You must also acknowledge

Security Deposit - if you damage the home, you may be charged up to $5500 (fees are not all inclusive)

Pet Authorization + Rules


No Pets allowed in this Home.


Parking in permitted in the garage or in the driveway. The garage remote will be shared upon arrival. 

Front of driveway and garage
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